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WoodwardRelaysFan.com is a fan website devoted to putting the history of the Woodward Relays online. This website is not affiliated with the Woodward Relays or any school system. WoodwardRelaysFan.com is intertwined with Mocorunning.com.

Like tens of thousands of others, I participated in the Woodward Relays while in high school. I later covered the Woodward Relays as a reporter and photographer. I was granted access to what I called "The Dunston Files." Coach Greg Dunston kept binders and binders of old files including one binder for every Woodward Relays he directed. As I sorted through sticky brownish papers, a seed was planted in me. I wanted to create a place online that celebrated the history of the meet that was hosted by one man for 50+ years.

I remain involved with the Woodward Relays by serving as the spring meet's public address announcer. As I prepared to announce the 50th Woodward Relays track meet, I got serious about organizing the meet's history online in this fan website.

Features of this website include results of almost every Woodward Relays meet. You will find results for every Woodward Relays track & field meet but not every cross country meet. If you happen to know where I can find the missing cross country results, send them my way. Other features of this website include detailed stats, lists, and a complete performance database from every track & field Woodward Relays meet dating back to 1973. Explore the stats, history, and articles page from the navigation menu to find archived meet coverage and Woodward Relays meet details chronicled in new ways.

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