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09/07/2019     Kevin Milsted     Woodward Relays Recap
04/14/2019     Kevin Milsted     Woodward Relays Recap
09/01/2018     Kevin Milsted     Woodward Relays Recap
04/15/2018     Kevin Milsted     One County, Four Meets
04/17/2017     Kevin Milsted     On 45th Anniversary, Dunston Dreams of Woodward
04/09/2016     Kevin Milsted     Woodward Relays Steeplechase Recap
04/10/2011     Kevin Milsted     Woodward Relays Recap
09/07/2010     Kevin Milsted     Woodward Relays Recap
09/08/2009     Kevin Milsted     Woodward Relays Recap

The Montgomery Journal

09/10/1987     Marcie Ritz     Former sports rivals learn to be partners
04/23/1980     Donna Niewiarowski     B-CC Girls Win Woodward Title
04/18/1980     Donna Niewiarowski     With Events Like Steeplechase Woodward's No Ordinary Meet
09/26/1979     Donna Niewiarowski     Woodward Relay: Churchill Takes Yet Another Title
09/19/1979     Donna Niewiarowski     Churchill Again Heads Woodward Relay Field
04/25/1979     Lyn Pusey     Recount Shows Blair, Peary Tie at Woodward
04/20/1979     Lyn Pusey     Peary, B-CC The Favorites at Woodward
09/27/1978     Katy Williams     Landon Runners, N'wood Sisters Win Relay Titles
09/22/1978     Katy Williams     Annual Cross County Relays Today
04/19/1978     Katy Williams     Track Teams Well-Matched at Woodward Relays
04/21/1977     Lyn Pusey     Bulldog Track Team Gets Another Victory
04/14/1977     Journal Staff     Distance Events Highlighted in Fifth - And Best - Annual Woodward Relay
04/15/1976     John Parker     Relay Records Fall
04/08/1976     Lyn Pusey     Relays Ready at Woodward
09/25/1975     Journal Staff     Prep, Churchill Tie in Relays
04/24/1975     Ben Walker     Churchill Trims RM at Relays
04/17/1975     Ben Walker     ...As Woodward Readies Its Relays, Steeplechase
10/03/1974     Ben Walker     B-CC Wins First Cross Country Relay
04/25/1974     Ben Walker     Springbrook Wins Woodward Relays Title
04/18/1974     Ben Walker     Steeplechase Comes to Woodward

The Washington Post

4/9/2016     Nick Eilerson     High School Track Athlete Executes Epic Steeplechase Fail
4/9/2011     Carl Little     Host Georgetown Prep Wins Two Events at Woodward Relays
4/11/1999     Bryan Tucker     Undermanned Good Counsel Has Enough to Gain Victory
4/13/1997     Bryan Tucker     Knapp Gets the Winning Knack
4/9/1995     John Manasso     McKnight Propels Robinson Girls
4/12/1992     Wendy Raber     Track and Field
9/18/1990     Gene Wang     Georgetown Prep Boys Nearly Sweep
9/19/1989     Tim Sonner     Cross Country
4/16/1989     Tim Sonner     High School Track
4/17/1988     Dan Rosenblatt, Anthony Powell     Linganore Runs Away With Woodward Title
5/28/1987     Steve Berkowitz     Woodward More Than Buildings
9/22/1983     Donna Niewiaroski     Churchill Girls Win Invitational
9/15/1983     Donna Niewiaroski     Sand Jumps Added for Woodward Relays
4/17/1983     Mark Speck     Good Counsel Boys First in Woodward Relays

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